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Conducting searches from this website ensures that Safe Search is always ON. This enables schools to implement SafeSearch instantly without changing individual computer setting.

About Safe Web Filtering

Many users prefer not to have suggestive content included in their search results (especially if kids online use the same computer). SafeSearch settings can be changed within any browser you are using. Using the safe search tool above eliminates the need to change any settings because safe search filtering is always active.  

Apart from this website, here are the three settings you can select from to manipulate search results according to your safety level. It is important to note that the default settings within any browser is 'moderate'.  

To control search from without your browser, you can choose from among three SafeSearch settings:

  • Strict filtering filters explicit video and images from Google Search result pages, as well as results that might link to explicit content.
  • Moderate filtering excludes explicit video and images from Google Search results, but does not filter results that might link to explicit content.
  • No filtering turns off SafeSearch filtering completely.
This website site ensures that Strict Filtering is always activated regardless of your computer settings. In addition, we do not feature images beside text search results.

Safe Search Web ensures that Google SafeSearch is activated on any
computer as long as searches are conducted from this page.

SafeSearch Web